Yarborough Hotel

The Yarborough Hotel in Grimsby was built in 1851 by the Earl of Yarborough, who was aware the new railway linking Grimsby into the growing rail network would bring more trade to the area.

Over the years the hotel has gained much history, most notably as the location of the Yarborough Riot. It now spends its days as a JD Wetherspoons, and welcomes many visitors through its doors on a daily basis.

The hotel, a symbol of the town’s transition from an 18th-century fishing village into a great Victorian port and once very nearly demolished, is now a listed building.

Hodkin & Jones were commissioned to restore the decorative Victorian ceiling that had structural problems causing it to sag and twist with numerous cracks.

Once we had inspected the building, it was clear that there were significant levels of damage giving concerns for the safety of operatives and thereafter the public once it opened. The decision was made and agreed by an independent heritage and conservation specialist that the best way forward was to save what was possible and take down and make new from the original sections of the remaining ceiling.

Our specialist team returned to site to take sections and squeezes of the ceiling and once brought back to our factory work began on the plaster mouldings to produce an exact replica of the original design.

We then returned to site to install the panels and are delighted at the results now the ceiling has been restored to its original splendour.

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